Itoh Denki 24v Powered Roller

Product Description

Itoh 24v Powered Roller                                         DYNO Conveyors Itoh Denki 24v Powered Rollers

Motor driven rollers (MDR) are conveyor rollers with an internal motor. Ideal for zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) with each roller controlling a small zone of slave driven rollers. Being 24v, they are safe and energy efficient.

Dyno is a trusted Itoh Denki partner. Itoh Denki’s products are designed and manufactured in Japan. They maintain a high level of product by rigorous quality control and ISO9001 certification. 




Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Energy Savings - In a typical MDR system, the rollers in any given zone only run 10% to 50% of operational time. You could realize energy savings from 30% to 70%.
• Easy to control - Functions such as zone accumulation logic, sensor signal I/O connectivity, acceleration/deceleration time setting are available on the driver cards which enables less time for the control and wiring.
• Easy Installation - electrically pre-wired. A typical section will utilize plug connectors at each end to allow the unit to be set in place and simply plugged into the unit in front of it and the unit behind it to make it operational. You can add or remove sections of conveyor.
• Low Maintenance Cost - conveyors only run as needed (ZPA) meaning there’s less wear and tear to the components.
• Safety - Motor and gear box are built into the tube in addition to DC24V - Low voltage its safe and easy to handle.


• Upgrading existing gravity conveyors
• Powered curves, transfers
• ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation)
• Limited space or floor mounted applications
• Office space, mail room, noise sensitive environments
• Weigh scale conveyor
• Workstation conveyor

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