Our Story

Dyno is an innovative kiwi company that has been designing, manufacturing, and supplying conveyors and components for nearly forty years. With a reputation for solving problems, we’ve become a trusted conveyor solutions partner for many warehouses, logistics providers, processing facilities and manufacturers throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

We initially started supplying conveyors to the meat and fruit industry however it quickly became clear that standard conveyors on the market didn’t suit the product being conveyed. Building on our knowledge of conveyor principles and understanding of our customers’ requirements, we took it into our own hands and started designing and manufacturing conveyors ourselves. We wanted to be 100% certain that our conveyors would really work!

Over the years we have continued to innovate and adapt, staying up to date on the latest conveyor technology and practices with strong partnerships with local and global industry experts and vendors.  We’ve become the go-to people and now provide a wide range of conveyor solutions – from small stand-alone conveyors, dispatch lines or complete automated inline conveyor systems to a wide range of industries.

No one knows conveyors quite like we do and that’s why our conveyors make moving cartons, crates and pallets, simple and efficient.

Working With Dyno

By partnering with Dyno you can be sure to get a conveyor solution that really works for you! We spend time on your floor; listening to your current business plan and constraints to better understand your requirements and projections for the future to ensure you are getting a high return on your investment. Your unique operational requirements are then explored and analysed before a business case and conveyor solution are presented. And that’s just the start of it! After choosing Dyno you’ll get to work with our highly skilled team as we work through the design, manufacture, and delivery of your conveyor solution – it’s the start of a lifelong relationship, with Dyno committed to providing ongoing support and advice.


1. Engagement 

Understanding your current business pain points or constraints along with future business goals and projections. 


2. Discovery 

We explore and analyse your unique operational dynamics, ideas, and concepts to create a scope that meets your needs and requirements - now and in the future. 


3. Business Case 

Solution presentation with a strong business case showing ROI, performance optimisation and planning. 


4. Delivery 

Partnership with solution sign-off; design, manufacture, delivery and installation with communication throughout. 


5. Lifetime Ownership

Experience the ongoing benefits with continued support from Dyno and the Dyno Care Program. 


Founding director, Trevor Cornes, really gets to know conveyors - spending time after school, working for his brother-in-law who assembles them. He then goes on to complete his engineering apprenticeship with a local engineer that developed the mould for the Dyno Chain.


Trevor purchases the assembly part of the business from his brother-in-law and continues to assemble conveyors to fruit packhouses and meat processing plants throughout Hawkes Bay.

1990 1990

We develop our own lineshaft powered roller conveyors which are designed to better suit apple cartons with unique roller pitch. They officially become known as ‘TRANZBAND’ and the first ‘TRANZBAND System’ is supplied to Silver Fern Farms in Hastings


Working with a local company, Trevor develops NZ’s first single piece rotationally moulded tapered roller to easily track products around bends.

1995 1995

Dyno NZ is born when Trevor purchases ‘Dyno Manufacturing’ off the engineer he completed his apprenticeship for. Our range is extended to now include the Dyno 300 Chain. Trevor and his family move to Invercargill and continue to supply conveyor systems, expanding beyond the Hawkes Bay Region.


Dyno works with a local plastic extruder to develop the Ø48mm Dyno Pipe PVC – we wanted something durable, that would handle impact and was cost effective. After many trials and disasters, a suitable material was developed, similar to what roadside markers are made of, and we continue to use to this day.

2000 2000

Started making our own steel rollers after purchasing suitable tooling and machinery and scouring the globe for trusted vendors of suitable specialist bearings.


Dyno works with a trusted industry expert to supply their first conveyor system to the fruit industry in Australia.


Trevor attends materials handling tradeshows in America and Europe and discovers new unique products which he brings back to New Zealand to develop.


Dyno's first website is lauched, showcasing our capabilities.

2011 2011

Dyno becomes a trusted partner of Qimarox, a supplier of vertical conveyors based in The Netherlands and supplies it’s first vertical lift for a project in Lower Hutt.

2012 2012

Working with Newland Conveyors in the UK, Dyno supplies two telescopic conveyors to New Zealand Customs to reduce manual handling when devanning containers.


To better understand our customer’s requirements and ensure they get conveyors that really work for them, Dyno begins collaborating directly with end users.

2016 2016

Our first tradeshow – Dyno exhibits at Food Tech Pack Tech, with a range of conveyor solutions on display.


Secured supplier agreement with Itoh Denki, one of the largest and most innovative 24v powered roller manufacturers in Japan. This enables us to develop our range of 24v powered roller conveyors and give an energy efficient and maintenance friendly powered roller conveyor option.

2020 2020

During the dark days of lockdown the team at Dyno were busy developing the sanitiser tunnel in conjunction with Amazon. The tunnel was designed to effectively sanitise product as it moved through the tunnel and was part of our efforts to reduce the spread of covid-19.

2021 2021

Redevelopment of all our conveyor designs to ensure conveyors are safe while reducing the need for guarding and using more sustainable materials that can easily be recycled.

2023 2023

Dyno moves into our new purpose-built environmentally friendly facility in Invercargill.

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