507 Galvanised Roller

Product Description

507 Galvanised Roller         

Tube Diameter - 50 x 1.5mm Galvanised Steel
Bearing - Precision Bearing with Polypropylene Housing and Lab Seal (507)
Shaft Size - 8mm, 10mm, Q, 11mm Hex or 12mm
Shaft Materials - Mild, Stainless Steel or Aluminium (Q or 11mm hex only)

• Max. speed 40m/min.
• Max. static load 80kg.
• For central point load, reduce load rating by 1/3.

 Common uses;
   - Very quiet & free running rollers.

    - Can be fitted with chain sprocket (reduced load rating).
    - Blind bearing housings available.
    - Tapered with headed bearing housing to retain taper


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Load Ratings

• Load Rating kg (Minimum applies).

Dyno Conveyors 507 Galvanized Roller 50mm Diameter Roller Load Ratings

* Shaded sizes not recommended

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