Frequently Asked Questions


What Will Happen if I Want to Buy a Conveyor System?
When either of us reaches out, you will be greeted by one of our friendly consultants or helpful customer team. We will ask a lot of questions! The reason for this is to make sure we understand your needs, limitations and goals. We may even come visit to ensure we are 100% up to speed with what you need. Once we understand fully, we will be able to recommend what to use, or design something to make it work. This is concept stage, and this is where we throw ideas around and fit them into your setup to make sure there is no problems and enough room for people to get around, over, or through the system. If it is highly complex and unique, we will start doing initial design to make sure it will work. Once the contract is signed and confirmed a project manager will take over and it will progress through design. Design is very very important to ensure the system will work well. Design can take from 5% to 50% of the time once the contract is signed! Then it moves into procurement for all the parts to be sourced - either from New Zealand or overseas. We have good partnerships with all our suppliers, and ensure we get top quality parts. It then moves into fabrication and all the parts are made ready for assembly, and are powder coated in our own on site facility. Assembly then commences. Most systems are set up in our factory for a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT Testing) and are test run or prewired (if we are doing the electricals and automation). Once it is all good to go and quality checked, it then goes out the door to you! If installation is agreed on, we will have at least one of our own technicians on site. We work alongside our contractors, or we send enough of our own team members to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard. Then you will be all good to go! We also offer maintenance contracts for those that don't have engineers on site, and do quarterly check ups. Give us a call if you want to know more or have a system you need! We are glad to offer advice and consulting to help you get more efficient.

How will the Project Process work?
Once we are in touch and you have specified what you need, we will qualify whether it needs a project manager. For simpler systems or smaller numbers of conveyors, a specific project manager isn't needed. Our factory manager is effectively a full time project manager, as he collaborates with our consultants, design team, and supply chain, and will let you know on progress. For larger systems or if specified (especially those that we are running the install on), a specific project manager will be assigned. He/She will take over from the consultants, and will run the project through to completion. Collaboration with the design, supply chain, production and installation teams is his/her role, and they will keep you up to date and process any variations alongside the consultants. If you have any other questions regarding this, or installation, give us a call and we will be able to help.

What is the OBL of a Roller?
The OBL is the Over Bearing Length of a roller. This means it is measured from the very end of the bearing to the bearing at the opposite end. This is different to tube length, as the bearings poke out from the end of the tube by a few millimeters, depending on the type.

What is the IF of a Conveyor? 
IF stands for the Inside Frame width of a conveyor. This is exactly as the name suggests, the distance between the inside of the frames. An Ezyroll Gravity Conveyor has a 25mm flange on the side frame, so a 450mm IF would mean the overall conveyor width is actually 500mm. Keep a note of this when planning a conveyor for a tight spot!

Is the Frame IF the same as the Roller OBL?
No, the inside frame width is different to the roller OBL. Here at Dyno, we recommend having 3mm clearance between the OBL and the IF. This means that the bearing of the roller isn't rubbing against the side of the frames, which causes unnecessary wear and tear - on both the frame and the bearing. This also means that the rollers can be taken out to be replaced, quickly and easily.
So a 450mm IF Conveyor will have a 447mm OBL roller.

Does the Frame IF affect the Shaft Length of a Roller?
Yes, the IF affects the shaft length (SL), if it has a female thread in the end of it. A female threaded shaft length will need to be exactly the same length, or 0.5mm smaller, than the IF measurement so it can be bolted into the frame without it bending or twisting. The OBL is still 3mm less than the IF to prevent rubbing. Our standard shaft length (SL) is 30mm more than the over bearing length (OBL) of the roller, meaning it has 15mm out each end so it stays in the frame of the conveyor.
We can do other lengths on request.

Do you only make up to 1200mm long rollers?
No, we can make any length roller, however we do not recommend anything longer than this as the tube and shaft may become bowed. Hence we do not advertise it, and we don't give any recommended load ratings. Any questions or custom roller requests, give us a call!

Does Dyno do Installs?
Yes we sure do! We have an excellent team of project managers, who will happily organize and supervise project installs. This will need to be discussed in the consulting stage of the process so we can plan ahead to make the install seamless and easy for you. We work alongside contractors and send some of our team along to supervise and make sure the systems are installed perfectly and running correctly. 

We haven't ever had conveyors before, and don't have an engineer on site. Who do you recommend to do our Maintenance?
We recommend ourselves! Dyno runs maintenance contracts as part of our complete solution, to ensure you get the best products and service, and a reliable system with great Value. It also means you get the same high quality parts when these are needed. We are more than happy to help, and even do maintenance on older systems, and conveyors that aren't our own.
Contact us today for your maintenance needs - remember its costs less than a breakdown and downtime of machinery!
Check out this helpful information & downloads regarding DynoCare and Maintenance!