Telescopic Conveyor

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For rapid and efficient loading and unloading or devanning of goods these telescopic conveyors are designed and manufactured to safely achieve high handling rates. Expected to halve loading and unloading time as well as the number of staff required, these conveyors will streamline your operations and improve health and safety. Suitable for loading and unloading trucks, trailers, containers and vans - utilising a telescopic boom that can extend up to 18m at the touch of a button. Operate stand alone, or couple to a conveyor system for a complete automated system.

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Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• A collaborative conveyor - you and your team can safely work alongside.
• Reduce product damage with soft start belt function providing a smooth and controllable method of transporting product. 
• Increase profitability with often half the labour and time required, reducing temp staff costs and management. 
• Easily transport a wide range of freight including cartons, sacks, parcels, drums and tyres. 
• Fully cantilevered design eliminates the need for support off the vehicle floor and requirement for dock levellers. 
• Safe operation with all conveyor rollers fully concealed. 
• Improve health and safety with clear seperation of staff and machinery e.g. forklifts. 
• Improve staff ergonomics and posture with reduced need for manual lifting. 
• Telescopic boom for added flexibility and reach with easy push button controls to extend and retract. 
• Motorised height adjustmnet to allow booms to be raised and lowered by push button controls. 
• Programmable variable belt speed. 
• Fixed and mobile chassis options.  
• Recessed low voltage LED lights to illuminate vehicle floore. 
• Easy install with plug and play set up. 
• Multiple configurations to ensure a fit for every purpose. 


• Freight Handling & Logistics
• Container Devanning
• Warehouse & Distribution Centres 
• 3PL Third Party Logistics
• Supply Chain 
• Loading and unloading of trucks, containers, vans, trailers and rail cars. 

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