Product Description

TRANZBAND - Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor

Whether straights, transfers, accumulation, around bends or through gates, Tranzband (or line shaft) powered roller conveyors, with inbuilt accumulation, is proven in many industrial applications. The basis of the system is a tough polyurethane belt, which enables each grooved roller to be independently driven from a common line shaft. It’s simple, yet provides the whole system with reliability and flexibility; plus minimum power consumption due to no lost energy through skid friction.

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Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Modular design allows the system to be modified or added to easily
• Accumulation allows rollers under product to stop when it comes up against a physical stop
• Accumulation pressure is adjustable
• Tapered rollers give accurate powered transfer around bends
• Incline/Decline belts can be incorporated into system (accumulation not recommended for thesesections)
• Minimum power consumption due to no loss of energy through skid friction
• Safe - Spacers between drive spools, no pinch points or chains
• Fully guarded option available


• Warehousing and Distribution
• Fruit/Vegetable carton and crate packing
• Meat - carton handling
• Product Manufacturing
• Logistics and baggage handling

Accessories & Parts


Chain Transfer
Used to transfer another product onto a conveyor line at 90°.

Drop Gate
Creates a gap in the line to feed off meter into machinery e.g case taper, labelling machine or weigh scale.

Operated by carton pressure only. The police man alternates the flow of traffic by only allowing one lane to progress at a time.

Rollover Stop
A physical stop that comes up between the rollers to stop the product, can be air operated or by a mechanical handle.

A series of rollers to lower accumulation pressure or create gaps between products.

Pedestrian Access Gate
Allows a pedestrian through conveyor lines, as the gate lifts up, the drive on the gate disengages.

Guarding/Guide Rails
Complete guarding available. Guide rails available.

Speeds up a series of rollers to create a gap between cartons.



• Drive Band
• Drive Spool
• Universal Joint
• Coupling Chain
• Guide Rail
• Bearing Block

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