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Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyors

Dyno’s pallet conveyors are designed to transport heavy and bulky goods efficiently from A to B. With load ratings to suit the product, these heavy-duty systems are well designed and exceptionally reliable. Their low profile means they can easily be integrated and automated with other pallet handling equipment including turntables, lifters, transfers and stretch wrappers. The decreased need for forklift use reduces risk of injuries and increases efficiency. The systems are remarkably robust, meaning they can endure the daily toil for years on end, without the risk of breakdown or downtime.

We recently installed Roller & Belt Pallet Conveyors at ABB Switchgear, click on the link to take a look. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Collaborative Conveyors - you and your team can safely work alongside with reduced need for forklifts in these areas. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Fit for each purpose - pallet conveyors available in roller (gravity and powered) and belt conveyor designs, all designed to suit your load requirements, product and application. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Durable - with up to 2 tonne load rating using heavy duty rollers and frames. 



Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Roller and Chain designs
• Can convey up to 2000kg (higher loads can be designed and accommodated for)
• Customised designs
• Stainless Steel or Mild Steel - Powder Coated Construction
• Transmission Guards
• Integration with Pallet handling equipment
• Zero Pressure systems can be accommodated for
• Health & Safety Benefits - Decreased forklift work
• Hint: For gravity applications two single sections of conveyor can be used, this not only reduces costs but allows you to be able to walk down the centre of the conveyor to move your pallet

Variety of driving methods:
•   Urethane drive bands
•   Mini vee Belts
•   Chain


• Warehousing
• Dispatch
• Manufacturing

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