Drive Bands

Product Description

Drive Bands

Range of standard laser joined drive bands in stock with a huge range of sizes and materials available on request. Mainly used for Tranzband (lineshaft) and Dyno Drive powered roller conveyors. 

• Standard Clear Urethane: Ø 4.75mm
• Blue High Strength Urethane: Ø 5.2mm
• Temperature range; -20ºc to +60ºc (may harden and set at low temperatures if not continuously run)
• Recommended initial;
          - clear 10% stretch
          - blue 20% stretch

Also available in different hardness and strengths, including Jungle bands for hot and humid conditions.

DB 96 Drive Band - used for main drive, lineshaft to roller center distance 110 to 120mm.
DB 90 Drive Band - used for roller to roller link at 96mm pitch.
PB 7 Drive Band - used for roller to roller link at 75 - 80mm pitch.  temperatures if not continuously run)
DB 73 Drive Band - used for roller to roller link at 64mm pitch. 
DBS Drive Band - available made up to special length to suit your requirements. Minimum Ø43mm ID.

DBE Emergency Drive Band

Black u.v. resistant polyurethane with stainless steel connector. Suits lineshaft to roller drive at 110 to 120mm centers. 275mm overall length, also available in 235mm and 330mm. 

Tracking Sleeves

Crowns rollers to prevent flat belts walking while providing extra grip. .75mm thick to fit on Ø50mm rollers. Options of 12mm or 25mm wide.