Chain Roller Conveyor

Product Description


Exclusive to Dyno, the conveyor chain is manufactured from Acetal, and has the advantage of requiring no-wear strip with low co-efficient of friction and is ideal for any challenging product movement. Dyno offers a range of chain options and colours to suit your needs.

Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Available in 3” pitch (Dyno 300) or 2.5” pitch (Dyno 600)
• Will run in any direction
• Quiet in operation
• Low maintenance, long life and requires little, if any lubrication
• Low absorption rate – can be used through water
• Non-corrosive
• Low Co-efficient of Friction
• Abrasion resistance
• UV resistant - for outdoor use


• Food grade - can be in direct contact with food
• Fruit Grading Table
• Elevators

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