Versatek Modular Belt Conveyor

Product Description

VERSATEK - Modular Conveyor

A versatile conveying solution that can convey products through radius bends, goose necks and inclines as well as horizontal paths. Ideal for a wide variety of applications this has been developed to allow us to effectively customise a system to your requirements. 

TICK DYNO BLUE  Maintenance friendly with standard geared motors and belt easy to repair or replace. 

TICK DYNO BLUE  Variety of belt types and materials available to suit your application. 

TICK DYNO BLUE  Side flexing to easily go around corners. 



Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Versatile bolt together design means the configurations can be altered quickly
• Low maintenance with standard geared motors
• Corrosion and abrasion resistant
• Low friction
• Positive drive is applied to belt - improves reliability and eliminates tracking issues
• Hygienic plastic material - ideal for wash down (stainless steel type)
• Can be side flexing to go around corners
• Easy to repair or replace belt


Modular belted conveyors are the ideal solution where a higher degree of precision or smooth operation is required.

• Meat and poultry
• Seafood
• Bakery
• Vegetable processing
• De-watering baths
• Carton conveying/turning
• Accumulation and grading tables
• Part positioning
• Stepping assembly and indexing



Made to suit requirements and application

Frame Construction
Stainless Steel
Powder Coated Mild Steel

Drive Motor
Specified according to conveyor size and application
Standard Arhburg, 3 phase and single phase options
NB: Electrical controls available on request
Other brands and gear box types available on request

Belt Speed
Belt speed selected to suit application
Option of variable speed controller

Belt Options
A wide variety of belt types and materials to suit your

• Acetal
• Polypropylene
• Nylon

• Flat top
• Radius (to suit bends)
• Grip and non-slip top
• Roller top
• perforated and vented top
• micro pitch
*Flights and side guards can be fitted into many of the
above belts

Additional Options

Additional Options

Dyno offers a range of accessories available as optional extras to suit every application
• High side frames
• Support stands
• Additional options to reduce friction for radius conveyors

A wide range of replacement parts can sourced through Dyno, including, belting, sprockets, bearings and drive motors.

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