Tranzbelt S20 - Tranzbelt

Product Description

Tranzbelt S20 - Tranzbelt

For safe, efficient and reliable product movement - this is where aesthetics and function combine. With a requirement to provide safer work environments, this belt conveyor boasts a number of safety features bringing your safety to the fore. Proven across a wide range of industries, these conveyors are suitable for a vast array of applications with a range of options to ensure a fit for any purpose. Boost your productivity and safety with this innovative belt conveyor.

With complete under guarding, covered drive shaft and smooth edges - pinch points are minimised to guarantee your safety. A belt conveyor you and your team can safely work alongside.

TICK DYNO BLUE Superior safety standards

TICK DYNO BLUE Smart design and technology

TICK DYNO BLUE Customisable to many applications

TICK DYNO BLUE Manual, STP files and diagnostics available. 



Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

  • Your safety guarenteed* - with complete underguarding, covered drive shaft and smooth edges to minimise pinch points.
  • A collaborative conveyor - you and your team can safely work alongside.
  • Hassle free maintenance with minimal tools required and all parts available through our standard product range.
  • Reduced product damage with the belt providing a smooth and controllable method of transporting product.
  • Avoid belt adjustment tampering which increases wear and tear with hidden internal belt adjustment.
  • Manufacture from modular designs - so it’s there when you need it.
  • Flat, incline or decline product movement so you can get product where it needs to go.
  • Belt supported with either a slider or roller bed
  • Sustainably sourced materials and parts..
  • Range of frame and belt materials to suit every application.
  • Economic design with utilisation of parts - mostly for more than one function.
  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing.


*safety certified for stand alone operation, when installed with other equipment there will be other safety considerations. 


Tranzbelt conveyors are the ideal solution where smooth operation is required.

• Carton Conveying
• Packing & Dispatch
• Stepping assembly and indexing
• Manufacturing
• Inline solutions e.g. labelling and printing
• And more

Specifications & Options

Specifications & Options

Frame Depth: 200mm
Length: From 1,100mm
Belt Widths: 300mm to 1,200mm (in 50mm increments)
Frame Width: Belt Width + 50mm
Customisation available

Frame Construction
Stainless Steel
Powder Coated Mild Steel (standard dulux colour range)

Drive Motor
Ø114mm Head & Tail Drums
   • Single Phased Geared Motor
   • Three Phase Geared Motor
   • 24v DC External Motor & Control Card
   • Internal Drive Drum
Standard geared motor
NB: Electrical controls & power supply available.

Up to 500kg
(subject to overall measurements)

Belt Speed
Belt speed selected to suit application
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) can be specified

Belt Options
A wide variety of belt types and materials to suit your application.
• Standard Black, Green or White PVC
• Rough/Grip Top
• Food Grade
• Longitudinal Lines
Other materials available on request

Additional Options
• High Sides
• Stands
• Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
• E-Stops
• Sensors
• Diagnostics

Slider vs. Roller Support Bed - How do you decide?

A roller support bed moves the product with less friction, reducing energy requirements by 75% plus. It can also handle heavier loads and higher speeds and is designed to take impact making it ideal for transporting fragile product. Using a roller support bed also gives more flexibility around the length and width of the conveyor.

The slider bed allows you to smoothly transport products making it ideal for the transfer of bags and printer/labelling applications. As the belt is fully supported you can easily divert product off without damaging the product or belt and less components makes this an easier conveyor to clean and maintain.

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