Tranzband Conveyor Accessories

Product Description


• Chain Transfer
• Drop Gate
• Accelerator
• Policeman/Merge
• Pedestrian Access Gate
• Rollover stop
• Linebrake
• Guarding/Guide Rails

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More Information

(Many of these accessories can be used in other roller conveyor systems, such a Dynodrive and Ezyroll)

Chain Transfer
Used to transfer another product onto a conveyor line at 90°.

Drop Gate
Creates a gap in the line to feed off meter into machinery e.g case taper, labelling machine or weigh scale.

Speeds up a series of rollers to create a gap between cartons.

Operated by carton pressure only. The police man alternates the flow of traffic by only allowing one lane to progress at a time.

Pedestrian Access Gate
Allows a pedestrian through conveyor lines, as the gate lifts up, the drive on the gate disengages.

Rollover stop
A physical stop that comes up between the rollers to stop the product, can be air operated or by a mechanical handle.

A series of rollers to lower accumulation pressure or create gaps between products.

Guarding/Guide Rails
Complete guarding available (including Lineshaft guards). Guide rails available.

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