Ngahuia Group: Distribution Centre for Number One Shoes & Hannahs

Ngahuia Group's sorting system to automate fulfilling orders efficiently and accurately to their fifty one stores.

Project Description

Nick Payne, DC Manager at Ngahuia Group came to us with a few pain points around the dispatch area of their distribution center located in Whakatu. Dispatching to the Hannah's and Number One stores was very labour intensive. There were a number or things they wanted to achieve including automating the sorting to their fifty one stores, with a 99%+ accuracy and a capacity of 3000 sorts per hour.

Dyno Ltd went through the discovery process, considering all factors including the challenge of available space and delivery timeframes. This process pointed us in the direction of how the design needed to be, from there we developed a concept which got approval.

Essentially this sorting system scans every product, sorts it to the lane which is allocated to a store, the product accumulates before being manually palletised and ready for dispatch. The sorting system integrates with Ngahuia Groups WMS to ensure we’re getting correct data that’s real life and real time.

It was a great partnership working with Nick and the team here at Ngahuia Groups Distribution Centre. 

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