Foodstuffs Palmerston North

Safe, quiet and energy efficient...

Project Description

Foodstuffs - Palmerston North, NZ

The introduction of a state-of-the-art automated carton erector at Foodstuffs Palmerston North’s massive warehousing and dispatch complex also called on Dyno’s expertise.

A Zero Pressure Conveyor System, was the perfect solution to transporting the formed cartons, quickly and efficiently to the pick-up area ready to be packed with high volume, fast moving products.

One of the many advantages of the Zero Pressure Conveyor System is its ability to always have a new carton available when it’s needed and to automatically replenish the supply when a carton is removed. And it can “talk” to upstream machinery to keep everything moving smoothly.

A 24 volt Dynodrive motor makes the conveyor safe, quiet and energy efficient.

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