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Project Description

Defast, one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of Nails, Staples, Brads, and the tooling to go with such fasteners, felt the need to increase their efficiency in dispatch to help them deliver on their promises and be responsive.

They got in touch with Dyno, and their flow wrapping machine was identified as a constraint. Loading and unloading one box at a time was inefficient and taking time and resource. There was also a higher risk of injury as there is more bending over and the packages coming out could also be hot.

The solution was simple: a Lightroll PR  Gravity Roller Conveyor on the outfeed.

Incorporating a 90 degree bend and a 3m straight on a slight decline, they could continue loading the flow wrapping machine while letting the wrapped boxes roll down the conveyor. Once the conveyor was full, it could be emptied quickly, safely, and efficiently.

By simply integrating a gravity roller conveyor into their process, the time it took to box and wrap a pallet of nails reduced by 31%!

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Products used for this project:

Lightroll PR Gravity Roller Conveyor
Delfast Logo RGB

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