Pedestrian Access Gate

Product Description

DynoDrive Pedestrian Access Gate

The DynoDrive pedestrian access gate compliments our highly efficient DynoDrive 24v Roller conveyor system. It allows for safe and quick access to other areas without the need to walk around the system making your team more efficient and productive. 

The system is designed to halt the upstream conveyors to ensure no product damage, and will restart once the gate is lowered to the correct position meaning minimal disruption to product flow.

Safety is paramount to our clients and this has been designed with your staff's safety and wellbeing in the front of our minds. This pedestrian access gate is fully guarded, has zero pinch points and is assisted by high quality gas struts for effortless lifting. The inbuilt safety mechanisms cuts power to the gate the moment it is lifted removing any chance of injury from the conveyor still running.


Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Zero pinch points
  • Adjustable stop position
  • Holds in upright position when lifted
  • Rollers shut off when lifted
  • High quality gas struts make it easy to lift
  • Handle for ease of use

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