MarketSafe™ Sanitising Tunnel

Product Description

MarketSafe™ Sanitising Tunnel

Remove the risk and fear of deliveries to you and your customers and further protect with the MarketSafe™ Sanitiser Tunnel. An innovative design, as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, the tunnel will continuously disinfect cartons before they are dispatched or stored. Providing safer work environments and further protecting fellow New Zealanders. 

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Safe To Operate - easily operate with push button controls and contained sanitisation.
• Maintain Product Integrity - special application process ensures no damage to cartons or product.
• Versatile - mobile system that can be added to any existing conveyor systems or hand fed.
• Residual Action - sanitiser continues to kill viruses and bugs up to 7 days after application which means it will still work during transport and supply chain touch points.
• Fast - can continuously sanitise up to 60 cartons per minute.
• Proven - sanitiser used is hospital grade and approved for use against COVID-19*. It is also commonly used in NZ in the Food Industry, and more recently with the NZ Police to sanitise their vehicles.
• Quick Set-up - single phase plug and play simplicity.




Tunnel Dimensions
2.4m long x 1.1m wide x 1.5m high
Conveyor height adjustable from 850mm top of roller.

Product Dimensions
Width: up to 460mm
Height: 20mm to 460mm
Length: from 300mm

Adjustable up to 60 cartons per minute at 600mm long

Electrical Supply
Single Phase 240 V - 10 Amp

Compressed Air Supply Required
Depending on product column (approx.)
100 per hour = 4L/min
500 per hour = 18L/min
1000-1500 per hour = 40L/min
2500-3000 per hour = 70L/min

Extraction Fan
Single Phase
150mm Diameter
Needs to be ducted to outside building

Standard Tunnel
• Aluminum Construction
• Two 24v DynoDrives
• 60mm Lockable Castor Wheels
• PVC Rollers with combination of S/S precision and acetal race bearings
• Single Phase Extraction Fan with 12m of 150mm duct (extra available to suit site requirements)

Recommended Extras
• 1.2m DynoDrive Powered Roller Infeed 
• 1.2m Gravity Roller Outfeed

Premium Tunnel
• Robust design for high throughput and industrial applications
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Three Waterproof 24v DynoDrives
• 100mm Lockable Castor Wheels
• PVC Rollers with S/S Precision Bearings
• Single Phase Extraction Fan with 12m of 150mm duct (extra available to suit site requirements)

Recommended Extra’s
• 2.4m Tranzband Variable Speed Accumulating Powered Roller Conveyor.
• 2.4m Gravity Roller Conveyor Outfeed with driven section at start to pull product from tunnel.