Itoh Denki 24v DC F-RAT

Product Description

Itoh Denki 24v DC F-RAT (Flat Right Angle Transfer)

Operating at a safe low voltage the F-RAT will transfer your product quickly, quietly and smoothly. Easily configurable, it can shift product forwards and backwards, left and right. Being a complete unit means easy integration within any conveyor to upgrade and automate transferring and sorting of product. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Transfer and divert various product sizes up to 50kg

TICK DYNO BLUE Flexibility - easily integrate with any conveyor system with module fitting into existing conveyor frames.

TICK DYNO BLUE  High speed sorting and transferring solution

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Height of product never changes thanks to our patented simultaneous lift/lower technology
• Ability to move product in four different directions
• Safe, low voltage, 24v DC power
• Transfers product up to 50kg's
• No pneumatics needed, powered rollers control all lifting
• Run-On-Demand feature increases energy savings over traditional transfers
• Fits into existing conveyor frames
• Quieter than traditional pneumatic transfers

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