DynoDrive Motor & Control Card

Product Description

DynoDrive Motor

Designed specifically for unit handling conveyors, Dynodrive is a Zero Pressure Accumulation System. It is exceptionally reliable, quiet and has outstanding design flexibility. The system is simple and cost-effective; consisting of an externally mounted, direct drive, brushless DC motor, driven by its own individual control card. It is especially well suited for small package conveyors, where small diameter rollers, tight roller spacing, and narrow conveyor widths are needed.

DynoDrive Control Module

A third generation smart conveyor control that combines a brushless DC Motor Contorl and intelligent conveyor zone control into one compact, cost-effective package. It is easy to install and can be configured for use in several different operating modes. Safe, quiet and reliable, this product gives you greater flexibility and control. 

Motor Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Benefits

• Zero Pressure Accumulation, no product damage
• Direct drive 24V, brushless DC motor
• Reduces wear on shaft and parts and uses less power as motors only run when product needs to move
• Externally mounted drive motor means it easily adapts to a variety of roller sizes and conveyor widths.
• Controlled braking system
• Low power consumption, 24V
• Simple (no need for PLC)
• Impressive torque at low speeds
• Very low operational noise


• Warehousing
• Food dispatch and packing
• Manufacturing

Control Card Module Features, Benefits & Uses

Features & Beneftis

• Safe, 24v low power consumption. 
• Use with 100W or 200W DynoDrive Motors or DynoDrive Cube Assemblies
• Can operate in ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation) mode or in small gap (ZIP) mode for maximum throughput. Slug forward or slug reverse operating modes can be applied when accumulation is not required.
• Dynamic speed adjustment
• Search and Rescue funtion that finds parcels that otherwise might become lost. 
• Easty to install with plug and play simplicity and complete installation, set-up and troubleshooting guide available on request. 


• Suited to more demanding applications like incline or decline conveyors
• High speed applications
• Couple with 5:1, 7.5:1, 10:1 or 20:1 DynoDrive Cube assemblies for a compact motor/reducer package
• Pallet handling or industrial appliactions. 

(DynoCube™ - A dynodrive motor mounted on a Gearbox)

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