QubeVu Industrial

Product Description

QubeVu® Industrial

QubeVu can dimension a range of objects, any shape or size. A sophisticated data-collecting powerhouse; it scans dimensions within seconds, reads barcodes and captures high-res imaging, suitable for OCR and to assist with item verification and tracking. 

With accuracy globally certified at 5mm, this is ideal to manage and reduce costly underticketing charges. 

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• World’s fastest dimensioning
• Dimensions any shape in any orientation
• 0.2 in|5 mm accuracy, globally certified as legal for trade
• Complete data capture: Barcode reading, high-res imagery suitable for OCR and verification • Super-reliable sealed unit with zero maintenance and no moving parts
• Mounts anywhere, over tables, scales and conveyors
• XML-based API integration, plus turnkey integration with popular shipping software packages
• Invented and built in the USA

Trusted by:

Dairy Products Skellerup Industries Gala Berry ABB Otago Daily Times Skybury USL Medical