Product Description

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The Ambaveyor conveyor system gives you endless flexibility with the ability to incorporate straights, inclines and curves into one continuous conveyor. A side flexing slat belt conveyor that operates off a continuous chain drive supports a more extensive variety of products; smoothly conveying cartons, bags, satchels and more. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Move product in any direction with the belt being able to flex sideways, negotiate upwards and down and around bends. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Reduce the number of drive motors required by two thirds - in some cases it's possible to run a 50m long belt off a single drive. 

TICK DYNO BLUE Optimal product handling with product being supported the entire width of the conveyor and a lower number of transfers. 

TICK DYNO BLUE High load capacity



Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Flexible belt - flex sideways, upwards and downwards bends
• Extend over distances of up to 50 metres
• Available in widths of 200, 400 and 600mm
• Capable of running at speeds of up to 60 metres per minute
• Cut the number of drive motors by two thirds
• Slats can be changed in seconds
• Load capacity can be up to 120 kg/metre, depending on the type of product being conveyed

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