QubeVu Industrial

Product Description

QubeVu® Industrial
Sophisticated dimensioning solution offering the world’s fastest dimensioning and complete data capture.

QubeVu Industrial is a sophisticated data-collecting powerhouse. It scans dimensions of any shape in under a second, reads barcodes, and captures high-res imaging suitable for OCR as well as item verification and tracking. 

Dimensioning includes any object in any orientation – polybags, irregular shapes, and extra-large items. Accuracy is globally certified at 5 mm.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• World’s fastest dimensioning
• Dimensions any shape in any orientation
• 0.2 in|5 mm accuracy, globally certified as legal for trade
• Complete data capture: Barcode reading, high-res imagery suitable for OCR and verification • Super-reliable sealed unit with zero maintenance and no moving parts
• Mounts anywhere, over tables, scales and conveyors
• XML-based API integration, plus turnkey integration with popular shipping software packages
• Invented and built in the USA


#1, and no wonder
QubeVu’s patented technology is so far ahead of anything else on the market, it’s hard even to compare it to other dimensioners. While everyone else is still bolting together belts and gears, our small-footprint, solid-state solutions blow right by them. It’s no wonder QubeVu is the fastest growing brand of dimensioning equipment.

World’s fastest dimensioning
QubeVu dimensions anything in 200 milliseconds. Lightning? The blink of an eye? QubeVu is faster. Contrast that with competitive devices that take seven seconds or longer. You’ll ship more, pack more, save more.

Any shape at all
Most dimensioners can handle cubes. And only cubes. QubeVu instantly dimensions cubes, tubes, polybags, irregulars – any shape at all – with certified accuracy. No more set-asides.

Extra large sizes
DimStation XL can dimension a wide range of sizes – even extra large items. If it fits on a countertop or a conveyor, chances are DimStation XL can handle it – up to four feet wide! Don’t try that with other dimensioners.

Complete data capture
In addition to dimensions, QubeVu Industrial grabs multiple barcodes, a high-res image suitable for OCR, and a low-res image for verification, tracking, and claim protection.

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