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We more than manufacture, and supply, high quality conveyors and product handling systems. Our experienced team work closely with companies large and small; those with existing conveyors, and those starting from scratch to improve processes and save costs and energy. 

Dyno experts go onsite and work alongside staff to provide feedback and suggestions to optimise performance and efficiency. This begins with analysing production, and operation, based on LEAN methodologies (reducing waste, improving movement, and ensuring staff engagement). This involvement goes all the way through planning and providing working drawings, to the completed system.

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With concerns over health and safety, and lost productive time, increasingly to the fore in New Zealand, DYNO Conveyors felt a responsibility to take the lead. The result is DYNO CARE.

DYNO CARE is a programme that gives clear guidance on conveyor best practice and maintenance, with the support of one-on-one advice, as and when, it is needed.

In addition, an expert, site safety risk assessment is mavailable at the beginning of an installation or design, or for existing conveyors.

All optimising performance, safety, and efficiency.



General housekeeping and cleaning
Inspect for correct operation
Remove any foreign objects from the conveyor.


Check all rollers are rotating
Clean, or wipe, PE sensor lenses and reflectors
Check rotating parts are moving freely
Clean, or wipe, PE sensor lenses and reflectors
Check for any unusual noises


Inspect roller condition
Lubricate bearings if required (note: Over-greasing can result in reliability issues)
Check gearbox oil levels
Check the geared motor temperature
Inspect conveyor drive for any foreign material
Inspect chain drive for correct tension
Check limit switches and PE sensors
Check E-stop functionality
Check universal joints on bends
Check belt tracking
Clean vicinity of conveyor and take particular notice of any mechanical objects
Check external damage


Check roller and bearings’ condition
Check drive sprocket and chain condition and adjust if required
Check for loose guide rails and adjust
Check functionality of conveyor system


Grease conveyor drive chain
Inspect components for wear and tear; replace as required
Check conveyor bed condition, splices plates, and support mounting.
Adjust bolts for loose equipment and tighten as required
Check condition of electrical equipment
Check functionality of all controls
Remove guarding and inspect all drive mechanisms

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Should repairs, maintenance or extensions be required on any conveyor, or handling equipment, Dyno holds extensive stocks of everything from sprockets to belts, with quick turnaround times and expert service available.

Meat Processing 

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Fruit & Vegetable

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DYNO Conveyors warranties equipment supplied free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years, subject to satisfactory care and maintenance and being used according to original specifications.

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