This really stacks up.

An automated pallet system offers you one of the biggest opportunities to increase your return on investment, and health and safety record. It’s an area that’s come along in leaps and bounds in recent years and keeping up to date can really pay off.

At Dyno, we’re always available to talk through your needs (and that’s well worth doing), meantime there’re a couple of things we’d like to bring to your attention.

While technically advanced, the pallet systems Dyno recommends are based on no-nonsense principles and robust engineering – so maintenance is absolutely minimal.

Automation improves workflow and, with no need for manual handling, injuries and strains are decreased and you can run a leaner operation, or concentrate staff where you need them most.

• Simplify control
• Reduce pallet damage
• No Forklifts
• Make transfers, changing and lifting effortless
• Payback in around 24 months

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Dyno Conveyors Pallet Stackers and Destackers

Inline & Stand Alone Pallet Stackers & De-Stackers

Automation of stackers and destackers has the potential to revoluntionise processes, optimising pallet flow, enhancing safety, and saving costs.

The workhorses of warehouses and packhouses, stackers and destackers come in a wide range of options – right up to customised systems and battery-powered equipment that can be relocated in just two hours!

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Dyno Conveyors Pallet Inverter Pallet Rotator Pallet Handling Equip 2

Pallet Inverters

One of the most flexible packhouse and warehouse pallet tools, inverters come in a wide range of specifications; lightweight to heavyweight.

Pallet changers enable operators to swap pallets from beneath the load without manual intervention. They are often used in industries, including pharmaceuticals, where goods need to be switched to and from hygienic in-house pallets.

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Dyno Conveyors Layer Picker Pallet Handling 1

Layer Picker

Automated layer picking systems can deliver substantial cost savings, increases in productivity, and improved health and safety.

Injuries from hand-picking are minimised (which can help with insurance premiums) and annual savings, depending on the business, can be between $40,000 and $200,000 – well worth considering.

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Dyno Conveyors Layer Picker Pallet Handling 1

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