Dyno’s top ten warehouse tips to save money!

At Dyno we’ve been looking around for some of the best ideas to add value, efficiency and profitability to your warehouse system. Here’s ten to get you started.

1. More carrots
As in any business, an incentive programme using KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) pay dividends in improved productivity, reduced staff-turnover, and better morale.
They don’t need to be complicated consuming or expensive: Days off, formal acknowledgements/awards, and treats.
Implement based on productivity (make sure you have an accurate way to measure that) or make it a team thing.

2. Re-evaluate your storage
Could you do things better and faster? For example, are slow moving, low cube items best in bin shelving - with fast-moving products in cartons or pallets. (It’s easier for pickers and can improve use of space.)

3. Do you need (more) automation?

In some warehouses over half the order pickers’ time is spent carrying product around or moving it from place to place. It may be that more automation (like conveyors and lifters) could reduce that time, and staff costs, and improve health and safety.

4. Are your SKUs where they need to be?
If seasonality impacts the popularity of some SKUs, make sure pick area space allocation reflects that

5. Is your pick right?
Is your pick methodology aligned with your goals? Analysing this can maximize productivity.

6. Software order sequencing
Sequencing orders by pick path and batching single lines, same zone order and tricky picks can save heaps of time.

7. Warehouses within warehouses
Group SKUs in their own sub-warehouse – there’s less ground to be covered and it makes sense for high volume products.

8. Simplify carton options
Fewer shipping carton options (plus limited custom cartons) mean faster order completion, reduced freight costs, and a better pick path.

9. Know your technology
Use a “spaghetti plot” to chart picker movement and look for ways to reduce wasted “travel” making your warehouse LEANer and more effective.

10. Map movement  
Use a “spaghetti plot” to chart picker movement and look for ways to reduce wasted “travel”.

If you have any tips you’d like to share – give us a yell.

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