Dyno Protect - Our COVID-19 Response

With the threat from COVID-19 now in our back yard, we decided it was time to act - to fight the spread together and save lives. 

Our founder was an entrepenuer in pest control fogging over 30 years ago and has kept his skills current. We felt that these skills needed to be used to help New Zealand through this crisis, so Dyno Protect was born - protecting you, your team and New Zealand. 

View our COVID-19 solutions below, or contact us today on 0800 144 044. 

 MarketSafe™ Santising Tunnels

DYNO LTD MarketSafe Sanitiser Tunnel Carton Disinfectant 1

Remove the risk and fear of deliveries to you and your customers and further protect with the MarketSafe™ Sanitiser Tunnel. An innovative design as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, this tunnel will continuously disinfect cartons before they are dispatched or stored, to provide safer work environments and further protect fellow New Zealanders.

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 COVID-19 Commercial Sanitisation

20200321 140418 with logoProtect you and your team from the coronavirus with complete sanitisation of your workplace. 

Dyno protect specialises in ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fog application of specially prepared hospital grade disinfectant in buildings, warehouses and office blocks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Effective, fast application with proven results and better coverage than most methods this method further protects you and your team, providing safe work environments and saving lives. 

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