About Dyno

Mission Statement

Propel distribution centres to outstanding levels of profitability, safety and waste reduction through integration of leading products into our conveyors to create world class warehouse automation systems.


Lead the revolution in distribution centres to make them world leading, while improving the standard of life in our country. 


The 'Dyno' Story

At Dyno we make the world of business go round.

Up and down.

And side to side.

Our conveyors make moving cartons, crates and pallets simple and efficient.

We can customise to meet your needs and all our designs are proprietary.

It all sounds new and high-tech, and it is.
But in reality we’re an inter-generational Kiwi company which has been designing and building conveyors for over two decades now.

All that experience, and our knowledge of the industries we work with, is part of a total approach that includes supplying parts, and maintenance by trained engineers.



DYNO - Values


1.  Care
We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients fears, apprehensions and pain points. Our business is moulded around the present and future needs of our clients, not the other way around. We look at challenges from every angle to get the best results.

2.  Partnerships & Collaboration
Partnerships with progressive companies is vital to success. The willingness of clients, partners and suppliers to collaborate and grow with us is firmly based on a foundation of trust - a reliance on our ability to consistently deliver on ROI*, our promises, and products under warranty.  

3.  Improve & Innovate
Innovation with continous communication and feedback is vital. We learn and improve quickly and efficiently. Safety and ROI* constantly drives us to innovate. 

4. Finishers
Everything is completed with every detail thought over and actioned. We never leave our clients until systems are commissioned and running as they need it. Consistency in our dealings is key to success. 

5. ROI*
Everything we do and every contact point with our clients is only actioned if it adds value that far exceeds their expectations.

6. Passion & Action
We are passionate about our clients and our team! Things are actioned with drive and passion in a timely manner, with a disciplined approach and attention to detail. 

*ROI - Return on Investment. A high ROI means the investment gains favourably to its cost. 



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