About DYNO Conveyors

Dyno Conveyors, (incorporating CAP Solutions Conveyor Equipment Division in January 2017),
was founded by Trevor Cornes who has over three decades of industry experience.

The original Dyno chain and components were developed in 1980 specifically for a fruit pre-sizing plant for the New Zealand Apple and Pear Board in Hastings. Named “Dyno” its products were used extensively as a non-corrosive solution for shifting products ranging from fruit right up to pallets.

Seven years later, Dyno began selling new conveyors manufactured by other suppliers. However, these standard items didn’t allow the flexibility or levels of quality and specialization the market needed.

That’s where the Dyno team stepped-up.

The company began designing products tailored to New Zealand’s unique requirements including this country’s first moulded plastic tapered rollers. And started customising conveyors to suit customers’ needs and requests.

In 1995 we shifted to Invercargill, merging the two Dyno businesses.Together, we’ve grown to where we are today: A New Zealand-owned, inter-generational company that’s still listening to our customers’ needs and making their lives easier; and their businesses more efficient, productive, and profitable.




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DYNO Story

At Dyno we make the world of business go round.

Up and down.

And side to side.

Our conveyors make moving meat, veges, fruit, packages, gravel, and even pallets simple and efficient.

We can customise to meet your needs and all our designs are proprietary.

It all sounds new and high-tech, and it is.
But in reality we’re an inter-generational Kiwi company which has been designing and building conveyors for over two decades now.

All that experience, and our knowledge of the industries we work with, is part of a total approach that includes supplying parts, and maintenance by trained engineers.



DYNO - Values


1.  Service and Expertise

Dyno can do what no other can. Our service and products are specialised, and bespoke. Our commitment is not only to a superior product, but a world-leading one. 


2.  Trusted Advisors

Dyno has grown its business largely on the responsiveness of its long-term clients and referrals.
The willingness of clients to continue to deal and grow with us is firmly based on a foundation of trust – a reliance on our ability to consistently deliver on our promises and products under warranty. 


3. Strong Partnerships

The in-depth knowledge of Dyno’s highly experienced team (across all facets of the industry) means we have a real appreciation of the needs and wants of the businesses we service.
Understanding these, and building mutually beneficial relationships based on them, ensures profitable long-term partnerships.


4. From Generation to Generation

Our expertise is passed from one generation to another. That keeps us connected with customers and companies. And means that what we know is both passed down and tested against new ideas: nothing gets past us.


5. Client Responsiveness

As a company, we are particularly interested in listening to our clients and promptly responding to their evolving needs. Our aim is to fit our business around the present and future needs of clients, not the other way around.


6. Fresh Thinking

The diversity of Dyno’s clients and our internal way of working enables us to attract and retain some of the best minds in the business. Since original ideas are the lifeblood of modern business, having motivated staff continually researching trends and taking fresh approaches to our products and services is a valuable asset to the company and its clients. 


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